KKV Biography and Networth (Who is kkv)

Who is KKV (Kalu Udeagha Ogba)

Kalu Udeagha Ogba, popularly known by his stage name as KKV is a Nigerian German based singer,
songwriter, dancer and performer.
Kalu Udeagha Ogba was born at Lagos Island on the 19th of July, 1984 into a family of 9 children and hails from Abiriba,area of Abia State of Nigeria.

He attended the F.G.C secondary school ikom Cross River State of Nigeria and later proceeded to Abia poly to study Business Administration.
He entered airplane with a spiritual quality in my makeup allowing him to be one of the peacemakers in society.

His person

My strengths come from the ability to listen and absorb. He is a fixer, a mediator,
and a diplomatic kind of person who uses persuasive skills rather than forcefulness to make his way in the musical world.
When he embrace and exhibit the strength of my spiritual side, he is intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic,
and visionary who started and runs his own record label. These extremes make him interesting with much to offer the world of music.
He is a deep-thinker, and no doubt interested in understanding many of life´s mysteries and more intriguing facets.

Delicate Ability

He is apt to have the most delicate ability to be balanced and fair. He clearly see the full spectrum of viewpoints in any argument or situation,
and that makes people to seek for his mediatorship. In this role he is able to settle disputes with the most unbiased flair.

Sincere Concern

He has a sincere concern for

all humanity; he think the best of people, and want the best for them. HE IS VERY HONEST AND OPEN IN THOUGHT, Word And Deed.
He excel in just any form of group activity where his expertise in handling and blending people can be used effectively.
Manners and tact mark my way with others. He strive to maintain harmony in my environment.
As an ultimate team member, he never demand praise or recognition.



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